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Welcome ;

welcome // to // my // chocolate facotry //
Hey, wonkies/wonkas welcome to the chocolate factory, you just earn you a golden ticket, please take around and come see the goodies of this site, we have alot of content for you to use, and remember don't forget to comment the comment box, make sure you follow theses instructions, and remember if you don't veruca salt will come after you because she very spoiled and she gets what she wants. don't forget always remember chew your gum until the flavor is out and leave it for a month soild, and eat your favorite chocolate until you fell in the river of chocolate and if you mike teeve don't ever push that button because you will become small and never go back to your size, and if you poor as charlie, you will gain the chocolate factory and congrats to you. there's only golden tickets in this whole site, if you find it you will get an prize so please check all over the site. make sure you read this whole thing so you know what will go on and remember don't cheat. because veruca salt is looking :)

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