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    Preppy Text V2 Tutorial

    Want to learn how to make a black & White image, if you use please comment the comment box so i know you learn thank you so much <3
    Things you need for this tutorial :)

    First Step

    Open A New Document, Make the settings, as it shown.

    Second Step

    Write your font, and then use an color scheme

    Third Step

    it should look like this of the font

    Fourth Step

    Duplicate the layer third times as shown in the picture.

    Five Step

    On the duplicate layers click on the 2 layers that you duplicate use ctrl and tab and move it to the right two times, then select the second layer and click color burn overlay.

    Sixth Step

    click on all duplicate layers and the regular one right click and click ratherzie type

    Seven Step

    Once you ratherize click on the layer right click and go to blending options and do the settings that shown on picture.

    Eigth Step

    Then Contuine with the same layer and blending options and do the settings as shown as in picture.

    Ninth Step

    Once you did thoses settings go to stroke add 2x white stroke then make a new layer and merge it the new layer then go to blending options and then click stroke then add pattern overly.

    Final Step

    This tutorial text should be looking like this.
    If you need help with futher information about this text tutorial please feel free to message me on facebook and i'd help you along with it if you don't understand.